Family. That's everything I need. And when it comes to family, I'm pretty lucky. I have an incredible and supportive wife, two beautiful kids and a close family that wouldn't trade for anything!


My Wife, Emerson + Jaxson.

My wife is a gift from God. Brittney came into my life on September 7, 2014 and we were happily married on September 12, 2015. Words can't describe how she has made me a better man.  And not only to me, but she's also an incredible "bonus-mommy" to my daughter, Emerson, and then brought our own beautiful boy into this world on Dec 19, 2017. I don't think anyone can truly understand what unconditional love and admiration for a child is until you have one yourself. Best blessings ever.



My Family.

There are many people who probably say they grew up with the best family in the world. I'm one of those people. My parents gave my brother and me the best up-bringing ever. We were rich in everything that counted - love. I hope that I can be as good of a husband, father and role model one day as my father is and as good as a teacher as my mother is and as good as a best friend that my brother is.