Flying Over Dale Hollow

My family goes to Dale Hollow Lake every year. We've been going for about 25 years and it's my favorite lake. As a pilot, I just got the opportunity to see it from a different perspective and it was absolutely incredible. I landed at "Dale Hollow Airport" which was showing on the old paper maps but didn't even come up on my planes navigation system.  I had to circle a few times to even find out where it was.  When I finally found it, it was a run down air-"park" with an FBO that was falling down and abandoned, a small runway that was just over the bluff and the runway literally had driveways off the runway into peoples homes.  Ha!  I landed safe, back-taxi'd to take off again, waiting for a farmer in a truck to drive out of the way, then wheels up.  It was quite the experience and I don't plan to land there again.  The lake, on the other hand, was beautiful!